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Saturday, May 13, 2006


I am so frustrated!!!!! On Sunday (tomorrow) it's Mother's day. So for the past couple of weeks I've been planning various things that I want to make for Mum. However, I'm the biggest procrastinator in the entire universe so of course I didn't put any of these plans into action till yesterday. Mum's going in for surgery on Monday so along those lines I wanted to make her: A cute new tote bag to carry stuff to the hospital, and a bright colorful pillow case (She has to stay overnight so she's taking her own pillow).

But from the second I started sewing I've run into so many problems!!!!!

  • My bobbin ran out of thread.....three times (I have no idea where all that thread went)

  • I sewed the handles (for the tote) wrong and had to spend an HOUR unpicking them

  • I burned myself with the iron and poked myself about a bazillion times with pins

  • The feed dogs on my machine decided to stop working

  • My machine decided it was only going to sew in one place and refused to move

  • I cut the fabric for both projects horribly not straight!

  • Because I didn't cut the fabric straight I had to sew a HUGE seam across the bottom of the tote

  • Even with the huge seam anything you put into the pockets will disappear into the lining

  • And for some reason I forgot to double the width of the fabric for the pillow case and have to buy more fabric for the other side!!!

  • I also have to finish a few swap items and will be gone all evening because I'm helping my Aunt with a catering job so I'll probably be up all night and I'm already really tired because I was up almost all night yesterday too!!!



    • >.<

      I had some of those same problems when sewing up my Lelah top! Mostly the feed dog and the sewing in one place.

      Hopefully everything goes more smoothly and things turn out wonderfully. Your mom will appreciate it I'm sure. :)

      By Blogger , at 12:36 AM  

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