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Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Craftster Swaps

Alrighty, so remember the Secret Friend of Craftster Swap I've been doing?? Well it's reveal time and we're all finding out who has been secretly crafting for us!! I was going to wait and do one post about the FOC swap (w/the stuff I sent and this latest package) but my partner hasn't revealed my identity yet so I'll just post the latest package I received.

My secret Craftster was Tristitia!! For the reveal package she sent me some gorgeous sock yarn (it's so soft! I can't stop petting it!), and a set of knitting needles (DPN US2)!!! The pretty paper under them is what they were wrapped in.

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I still have yet to make my first pair of socks (part of my problem is I can't find a simple sock pattern that I like) as does Tristitia so we're both going to (hopefully) tackle that this summer.

This was the last package for this swap. Now all that's left is to send a Thank You!

On another note; I'm probably the worst partner Tenika has ever had (We're partnered in the Amazing Tshirt Swap, she sent me the adorable frog shirt)!

For some reason I got the send out date mixed up (it was the 10th, I thought it was the 15th). And I forgot to get a certain very crucial item at the store and still haven't sent (tomorrow I will!). So here it is a week after the send out date and she doesn't even have a DC# to look up let alone a shirt to fondle.

I think I just spaced it because of all the extra things going on. Mum had surgery yesterday, Daddy's been planning a huge banquet for the choir he and Mum are in, I've been fighting insomnia, and I kinda overloaded myself w/projects (most for swaps some for mother's day).

I think after I finish the swaps I'm already involved in I'm going to take a break from least for the summer (except for the Ongoing Fabric Swap and maybe the Unconditional Swap).


  • This is the website I went to when I finally decided I wanted to try socks for the first time. Here's the pattern:

    And here's the demo (with lots of helpful pictures!):

    One word: the pattern calls for worsted weight yarn and size 5 dpns, which is about right. You probably want to save the size 2's and the sock yarn from the swap for another sock pattern.

    By Anonymous David, at 4:12 PM  

  • Aww you are worse than me!! Magknits has an adorable toe-up ankle sock. It's super simple. Or has been so far. :)

    Hope your mom's okay! Have fun with your socks and take pics!

    By Blogger , at 10:41 PM  

  • Thanks for the suggestions! I'll definitely practice on cheap yarn before using this gorgeous stuff.

    Kitty- Mum's doing great! She gets to come home tomorrow (yay!)

    By Blogger Melannen, at 11:34 PM  

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