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Saturday, October 28, 2006

Fetching again

Here I am, stuck at home :o( Saturday's usually my day to get outta the house and do what I please, but today Mum and Daddy had a dress rehearsal that started very early this morning and will go until about 4 o'clock this afternoon. So being the oldest child (aka built in babysitter :oP) I get to help out (at least I get to go to their concert tonight, supposed to be awesome)

I wasn't going to update today because I didn't think I'd have any knitting updates to make but that was before my insomnia kicked in...I now have a new pair of fetching:

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You can see I decided to continue the cable all the way up. They hug my hands a lot more then my last pair...kinda nice :o) Last week I discovered that if I wear some of these all the time, my fingers are less frozen (they're always cold!). I think this has something to do with them covering my pulse points and increasing blood flow to my hands?? I don't really know and don't really care so long as they help my fingers remain a more normal temperature and not be so stiff and achy from being frozen all the time.

As David correctly stated yesterday, my hat says "Damn I'm cute" :oD This is something you would not normally hear me say in real life; mainly because I don't (usually) use profanity*. FYI - If you know or ever meet/speak to my parents or any of my says "I'm so cute" ;o) I came to decide on this phrase when I was discussing this hat with some internet buddies. It was suggested I do something like "Smile Beautiful" or something to that affect...I liked this version better :oD

*I don't use profanity because IMO when it is used in excess it does not give the impression of intelligence. There are so many other words we can use to express ourselves, why use the same four letter words, that all mean basically the same thing, over and over again?? And BTW I'm fine with others using profanity around me, you can curse so much it would make a sailor blush for all I care, just don't expect me to join in :o) Of course the exception is when I've been glutened...for the first few days I am in a VERY foul and bitchy mood; so much so that I usually hole up and keep to myself as to avoid deeply offending those close to me...I say a lot of things I don't mean.


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