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Monday, October 16, 2006


Um yeah so I haven't updated in two weeks....

I've been waited for my computer to be fixed so I could upload pics. Yes, it's still at the shop (grrr). The guy that fixes computers for them lost the paperwork and they're having a hard time getting a hold of him now that they found it (the paperwork I'm referring to explains/proves that my lap top is still under warranty; he won't touch it unless all of the paperwork is in order).

My sock and I aren't speaking. I made a stupid mistake and haven't felt like ripping back to fix it yet. I wasn't too thrilled with how it was knitting up anyways, I think I'll probably frog it and start a better sock. If I do I'll take a picture first :o)

I started another stuffed nautiloid. It's a Christmas present for brother. I'm knitting it out of simply soft (acrylic. Don't look at me like that, he's 5 years old; I'm not going to make his something out of natural fibers until he's old enough to care for it). I'm about a third of the way through it's (coiled) shell.

I picked up my bag that I've been knitting (remember this?). I'm not too fond of it anymore. It kinda hurts my fingers to work with the cotton yarn and I screwed it up somewhere and can't figure out where. I'm kinda starting to hate it....might frog this too :oP

*sigh* I need to find a new project that I'm excited to work on. Something that inspires me and makes me want to work on it. I really like the Heere Be Dragone shawl; but I'm not sure I could pull it off (I know I could knit it, I'm just wondering what I'd do with it after it's done...I'm not really a triangle shawl girl). Hmmm, maybe I'll browse knitting patterns today, see if I can find something that screams "KNIT ME!" :o)


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