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Saturday, September 30, 2006

Not much going on

I haven't been knitting much this week. I turned the heel on my sock and tried it's doesn't fit very well and I don't like the feeling of the fabric. It's ok when I'm holding it, but on me? Not so much. So that was a bit discouraging. Later today I'll work on it a bit, after I block my cardigan (yes you read that right, I'm blocking it as soon as I'm finished blogging!).

Another reason I've not been knitting is I've been sewing! This summer I've lost quite a bit of weight* so a lot of my cloths are way too big. I've learned to resize Tshirts and am slowly making my way through my stash of them.

I figured out what to give Sister for her birthday! She was complaining that we're almost out of black and yellow paint (she and her friends paint their faces for football games) so I'll be giving her some of that, and I figured why not throw in some wash out hair dye as well. And I know she wants nail polish so I'll give her some of that in the same colors. So I guess it'll kinda be like a "show your school spirit in a box" type thing :o) It needs something else though...hmmm

Oh yes, I'll be able to attend S'n'B this coming Tuesday!! Yay!! I've missed two weeks in a row now (boo!) and I can't wait to come back! I'll bring my shawl to show off as you guys haven't yet had the opportunity to fondle it :o)

*I don't usually keep track of my weight because I don't really care as long as I feel healthy. But this summer I suddenly dropped about 30 lbs! Before you all think I've got an eating disorder, let me explain: I've been off gluten for almost a year and my body is finally starting to heal (the damage sometimes takes years to heal and in some cases never completely reverses itself). I am finally able to absorb the nutrients from my food so my body is no longer in starvation mode and holding onto whatever it can (I've never really been fat but I have been above the "optimum"). I've also been eating healthier aka pure/unprocessed foods. And I've been eating less, not on purpose, my stomach has shrunk. I was glutened pretty badly a few months ago and during that time I subconsciously started associating food with pain, I had to literally force myself to eat and usually couldn't manage much, I lived off protein shakes. Thankfully, once the gluten left my system (it took a few weeks) eating became easier.


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