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Friday, September 01, 2006

Cute Picture

Sorry this is a bit random.

Knitty had a photo contest for their 2007 calendar; I wanted to enter this photo but as it was on a disk somewhere and I'm not a very organized person, I couldn't find it in time for the deadline. Oh well, I'll just have to enter it next year.

This is Baby Sister and Brother, aren't they just so cute!?! :o) This picture is from round about last Christmas. I made them both fuzzy feet slippers (thank goodness they were to be felted, soo many mistakes :oP) and when they saw them pre-fulled they immediately put one on their heads and begged me to take a picture. This is my favorite picture of them; not only are they adorable but they're both smiling, their eyes are open, and Brother is actually looking at the camera (he usually looks off to the side)!

So sorry for the random showing off of family. I was just glad to have found the photo disk it was on. And it's been awhile since I put a picture up, so I thought I might as well :o)


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