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Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Lake Alice Pictures...again

Now it's time for pictures of the lake, yay!!

This is the first view you get of Lake Alice as you come up the trail. Oh, the guy on the right? That's Daddy :o)

As you walk around the lake you see that it just keeps going. Daddy and I tried to hike all the way around it but stopped and turned back when we had been walking for about 5 hours (his estimate, I would've said 4) and probably only reached the halfway point. We'd turn a corner and the lake kept going! Turn another corner, same thing! It was crazy!!

Here's a shot of the lake right before we turned around. The lake curved around the mountains and created a lot of little bays like this one. The trail we took went (obviously) quite a bit higher then the lake, I love seeing the different colors where the water gets deeper :o)

Something interesting that happened after the dreaded reunion: I was at my local library, there's a shelf that has a bunch of old books, CDs and such for sale. I usually take a quick glance just in case there's something good and I found the coolest book! It's called When Difficult Relatives Happen to Good People!! It's a very interesting read, I wanted to take it with me when I went to the good reunion because I wasn't finished reading it (still not finished either) but I didn't. I was a bit worried that they might all get the wrong idea :o) I wish I had found this book before the dreaded reunion!!

One of the "exercises" the author recommends is writing a "Thank you for being so Unpleasant card". You do not send it to the person (the author stresses this several times) but you basically write them note thanking them for being such a good example of what you don't want to be like :o) So, in honor of Cousin Hate-his-guts's visit (he and Uncle Rubiks are coming to visit this Saturday, I'm planning to leave home as early as possible and be out the entire day), I've decided to write one!!

Dear Cousin Hate-His-Guts,
Thank you for being you. You have been such a perfect example of what I don't want to be like. You illustrate so clearly how I should treat people if I want them to all hate me. Because of the time I've spent with you I have learned to think before I speak, not say every thought in my head, chew with my mouth closed, and respect other people's property. I will always remember you in my heart and utilize your valuable example for the rest of my life.

Cheers, Jess


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