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Monday, July 31, 2006


One of our neighbors invited our family to dinner today.

I couldn't have any green salad, salmon, fruit salad, or dessert. I ate green beans, corn and a plain baked potato. It wasn't too far from what I would've been eating at home, but sitting next to everybody else, watching them eat much more interesting food was hard. Usually I don't mind, I'll have lunch with friends or go hang out at their house and I really don't care that I'm eating differently.

I think part of it was that after we had finished eating we stayed sitting around the table and talked. I could smell the leftover salmon (it smelled soo good!) and watched the Oreo dessert stuff slowly get devoured. It was soo boring and my knitting was in the other room. I would've gone to get it but was sitting on the opposite side of the room and would've had to climb over 4 different people to reach the door; not to mention the trip back. *sigh* You can only play with a bracelet/ring/watch/Tshirt hem for so long.

Then they started talking about how I don't have a boyfriend and am not dating anyone (this family has 2 girls about my age who are currently engaged) and started coming up with a list of people they could set me up with. To my horror, Mum was thrilled with the prospect of them finding me a date (I think she's worried that I'll never get married, come on Mum, I'm only 20!).

Why can't people keep their noses out?! Has it not occurred to anyone that I like not having another person to screw up my life?! Yes, someday I'd like to settle down, but notice I said someday!! I am nowhere near ready to commit to someone and I quite like being free of emotional entanglement. Now sometime next week they'll call me about a movie they want to go to and would I like to come?? If I can't come up with an excuse not to go, I'll end up sitting next to some guy they think will be perfect for me. Eww, no thanks.

And to top the night off; Daddy's brother Uncle Rubiks and his wife Aunt Gossip are driving all night and will be spending tomorrow at our house. We got home from dinner and found a message on the answering machine that said they were coming. Yes, it was completely out of the blue. At least they're not bringing Cousin hate-his-guts (my feelings towards him are completely justified and the feeling is mutual. We just do not get along).

I just realized how angry I sound in this post. I'm just in a really bad/pissy/depressed mood. Today I was going through some old CD's and found one given to me by a late friend (just barely passed the one year mark) and I've spent the day worrying about the possibility that I am literally going insane.

I also wanted to give a bit of background to Cousin hate-his-guts (it felt weird to say I hate someone without saying why). He's a year younger than me and has always felt the need to compete with every little thing I do. He always has to have the last word in and "top" every story (if I only slept for 5 hours that night he only slept for 3, etc.). He is the most self absorbed, cocky, rude, annoying person I have ever had the misfortune of coming in contact with. He feels the need to constantly ridicule anything and everything I believe in, admire, or am remotely proud of. About six years ago he and his Dad (Uncle Rubiks) were living with us and he destroyed, ruined, and stole/resold many of mine and Sister's belongings. During this same time he often tried to hit on me or set me up with his creepy friends (keep in mind that he and I are first cousins, eww!). He's an only child, very spoiled, and grew up with the world revolving around him. He is truly a despicable person.

And he when he eats he chews with his mouth open and breathes though his nose at the same time (which, in my opinion, is the most disgusting noise in existence).

Words cannot describe how happy I am that he's not coming with his parents.


  • Hehe. Sounds like some of my family.
    I have Grandma All-about-her & Grandpa Not-there
    Aunt Competitive/Holier-than-thou & Uncle Clueless and their oldest Cousin Comic-book-store-guy (from the simpsons)
    Granted I also have Aunt Wears-my-size-shoes, and an Aunt Wears-my-size-clothes. Both realy great aunts to have ;)

    By Blogger Knitty Cat, at 11:34 AM  

  • Cousin Hate-His-Guts sounds a lot like my brother-in-law. He always has to win whenever we play board games, he always has to have the last word in an argument, he's always trying to maximize his own achievements and put everyone else down. Once I was hanging out with my sister and said brother-in-law and their baby, and the baby started "fake crying" (you know, when they don't have any particular need except they want mom's attention, so they look around first to see if someone is watching, then start bawling.) Everyone laughed a bit, and then jerko-brother-in-law made the comment that the baby gets this behavior from his mother's side of the family. Insulting my sister AND me AND my whole family. To my face. I could have killed him, I really could.

    Sorry about the dinner. From reading up in your blog, it sounds like you got "glutened", too. Family dinners can be excruciating. Maybe living alone has some advantages.

    By Anonymous David, at 3:21 PM  

  • Knitty Cat - yeah I have a Cousin wears-my-size-clothes too (and my goodness, she goes through them like water). It's great fun, I don't think I've really needed to go clothes shopping for about 2 years :o) Funny how I still just wear the same old stuff though...

    David - Yeah I think I was glutened. Most of the time dinner with the fam isn't too bad; it's just when I'm the topic of conversation that it goes downhill :oP

    By Blogger Melannen, at 3:48 PM  

  • People who worry about going insane rarely do. Believe me. Sounds like you have a fantastic family!!! ;)

    By Blogger stitchnsnitch, at 8:41 AM  

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