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Friday, July 28, 2006


Today I finished my first pair of socks!! I was scared of running out of yarn so I made the cuffs really short (like, 2 inches total) but now I figure out that I would've been fine making them "normal" length.....oh well :o)

You may have noticed I changed my avatar (click on it to make it clearer); that's about the color my hair is now (in the sun it looks a bit more red). Today I'm liking it more but I'm not sure if I'll keep it this color. I still might go for something a bit brighter.

Next week I'm going to take my camera's memory card in and have the pictures burned to a CD. After I do that I'll be able to post WIP pictures of my shawl and finished pictures of my socks/boogie time (I fixed it yesterday!!). Oh, and I'll be able to post pictures of Lake Alice (where I went for the dreaded reunion) so you can all see how gorgeous it is :o)

Ummm, that's it really. Kind of a boring post.......


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