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Friday, July 07, 2006

Interesting Day...

Today I started knitting the collar of my cardigan!! I am so excited to have it finished! I should finished with the collar tomorrow and start on the last bit of knitting (button/buttonhole bands) yay!

I thought I'd be able to finish said collar today but a bunch of CD's came in for me at the library (Bright Eyes, Radiohead, Sugar Ray, U2 and Reel Big Fish!!) so I cut into knitting to go pick them up. I also decided not to take it with me to the Jazz Festival. It was soo weird riding the bus and not having my knitting with me! And my CD player batteries were dead (yes, I am one of the few that do not own an ipod) and I didn't have any extra batteries with me. So I had to listen to some lady yak really loud on her cell phone.

I took a book but it just wasn't the same....

At the Jazz Festival, I worked at a Coke Truck. We were right next to a food place that was selling Navaho Tacos...they smelled soo good. Things were really slow but I'm told they will pick up tomorrow and on Sunday it'll be insane.

We're also right next to the beer booth. There was this guy that stood in front of it (he had already had quite a few drinks) and kept yelling F**k You! at every person that passed by him. Cousin Runs-a-lot (15 on Mum's side) was quite shocked!

As a volunteer, I got a free Tshirt (yay! free stuff)! If I have time I'll post a pic of it tomorrow night.

Tomorrow's going to be a loonng day. In the morning, I'm going to the Farmer's Market to knit; then I'll just be hanging out for 3 hours till it's time for me to go to the Jazz Festival again. If I took the bus home I'd only be here for about an hour and then have to leave again, which is why I decided to just stay downtown. An added bonus for staying is I don't have to clean in preparation for Daddy's parents to arrive (on Monday, they're driving up to the dreaded reunion with us), and when they get here I won't have to entertain them!! Hopefully, by the time I get home (around midnight), they'll be asleep so I won't have to see them till Sunday.

You'd have to know my Grandparents to understand my reluctance to spend time with them. Grandma Too-Sweet is just so, well, too sweet, that it drives me up the wall (like when I just get up, am barely half awake, mane of hair flying, still in my grungy PJs, all she can say is "You're so beautiful!!" *gag*). And Grandpa (still can't think of a good blog name for him) is very...I don't want to say creepy, because it's not quite that; I just don't feel entirely comfortable around him. I don't know why, I just don't. He's also very manipulative and treats Daddy like he's still about ten years old (and me like I'm about five).

Wow, this is getting to be a long post so I'll shut up now :o)


  • Damn. I wish I could make it out to SnB today but I'm trapped at work. But if you're at the Jazz Festival, maybe I'll see you!

    Can't wait to see the cardi.

    By Anonymous David, at 10:25 AM  

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