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Sunday, July 02, 2006


As promised, here are in progress pics of my cardigan

Finished pieces (the green is where I will add the neck; I haven't blocked them yet so the edges are still rolling badly, I straightened them as much as I could.)
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Sleeve (almost done)
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As you can see, I haven't quite finished the first sleeve (I need to do one more brown stripe and then I'll shape the cap). Yesterday it was going so fast but then it seemed to get slower and slower; this morning I figured out that this is because I'm steadily increasing on each side so the rows are getting longer (duh!). Lately I've been overestimating my knitting prowess; I'm hoping to finish before the dreaded reunion but I'd still be overjoyed having the pieces all knit and blocked so I can seam it during the car ride (we're going to Wyoming).

I've also been meaning to post pictures of the orange shirt I finished over a week ago. The color's a bit wonky; the 'truest' color is on my left shoulder. My left, your right :o)
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It's the shirt from this post; I hand painted the spork family using acrylic paint mixed with stuff to make it fabric paint; for some reason I can't remember what it's called...oh well. I saw a shirt like this on the net somewhere (and loved it!) and I needed to do something to improve this shirt (before I attacked it, it was white with a stain on the front). So put them both together and bam! I've got an orange spork shirt :oD

This morning, when I woke up at 4am (not my idea, stupid insomnia), I decided to create a livejournal account so I could post about things that don't really fit here. If you're interested, you're welcome to come visit at Ramblings of an Insomniac. As of this moment, there's only one post that I posted so I could see what it would look like. I doubt I will be updating regularly but I guess you never know (just look how good I'm doing here; I'm amazed that I've updated four days in a row).


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