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Saturday, June 24, 2006

End of Marathon

The weeklong ISSI marathon is over! Sad, yes, but also good (it completely wiped out Mum and Sister and interfered with my attending SnB ). I got lots of good ideas on how to improve my skills and I'm excited to start practicing again (I've been slacking for a few months). Because all I did was sit and observe classes all day I was able to finish the back and half the front of my sweater (it's a cardigan, I finished the left side) and I finished the hat part of another kittyville hat! A few days ago, in Sister's orchestra class, there was a mom knitting; she was making the coolest sweater! It had elephants and some traditional fair isle patterns on it. I wish I had taken a picture (forgot my camera that day).

It's just occurred to me that when I refer to Sister you probably don't know who I'm talking about. I have 3 siblings; I'm the oldest, then there's 'Sister' (15), 'Baby sister' (9), and 'Brother' (5). I'm hoping you'd be able to deduce that when I refer to Daddy or Mum I'm talking about my parents :o) So a blurb about each of them:

  • Daddy also has Celiac Disease (it's genetic, we're still trying to figure out how to break it to his family that they should all get tested). He's a people person; you can't help but like him :o) He likes to "fix" things (he's one of those dads that does more damage then fixing but he tries) and clean. He's recently discovered that cleaning and gardening go a lot faster if you listen to a book on CD/Tape; sometimes he goes through a book a day! He loves to swim, bike, and wrestle with Brother.

  • Mum is the best accompanist ever (no really, she is). It's amazing how she can play for someone and make them sound good even if they're not. She is very generous and giving and has a hard time saying 'no' to people (like when they call and say "My son is playing in a recital tomorrow, when can we get together to practice" <-- this really happens; it's amazing how people can be so inconsiderate. Things like recitals are usually planned at least a week in advance; you'd think they'd call earlier). She loves to help with anything and everything she can and also has perfect pitch so whenever Sister or I practice she'll yell from the other side of the house "That B sharp isn't high enough". Sometimes this can be very helpful, others, it's very annoying. She loves snowflakes, paper, and pens.

  • Sister also plays violin. She's at the age where she knows everything and everyone over 18 is stupid (well, not always). Last week she went camping with a church group and a log fell on and fractured her wrist! So all this week she's been playing violin with a fractured wrist (it's her bow/right arm); she was not going to let it hold her back but today she's paying for it. Mum and I are going to try to talk her into getting it cast (they wanted to do it before but it would've been impossible for her to play at all so she refused to let them). In addition to violin, she also plays the clarinet, trumpet, viola, and a bit of piano (she also has a lovely voice).

  • Baby Sister has the world's biggest imagination. She wants so bad to grow up faster (she's always saying "I'm almost a teenager")! Mum tried her on the violin but it wasn't her thing; neither was the piano. So we tried swimming and bam we've got a fish (or a mermaid). Tomorrow she's leaving for Girl Scout camp (first time going by herself); she is soo excited but also soo nervous! She loves to ride her scooter, hunt for snails, and jump rope with friends.

  • Brother is a Jedi (or a Sith, Ninja, Knight, Army Guy, or Spiderman depending on what day you catch him). He is very much into weapons of every kind but his first love is light sabers. He is very good at video games and can literally talk for hours (he makes up his own "video games", acts them out, and narrates so you know what's going on). He loves to wrestle with Daddy (or me if Daddy's at work), ride his bike, and jump on Mum and Daddy's bed :o)

  • Last night I finished the orange shirt I blogged about awhile ago (go here to refresh your memory). It had it's first public appearance today and nobody noticed it (boo!)! So in a few days when I post pictures of it I need you guys to tell me if there's something weird I just don't see (of course, maybe they all did notice but were just blown away by it's amazingness).

    I'm also just realizing that I never posted about a swap I did awhile ago. It was the Menstrual Care Package Swap. If you'd like to see what I sent go here (there's also a link in the Craftster post to see what I received).


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