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Thursday, June 29, 2006

Today is a Good Day!!

I bet you're wondering why today is such a good day; well I'll tell you! I just found out that the family reunion I have been dreading isn't till a week from Monday (I thought it was this Monday)!! Do you know what that means?! It means I get to go volunteer at the Jazz festival!! You see, this particular family reunion is going to be a camping trip that lasts an entire week. At first I thought it was the same week as the Jazz Festival so I wouldn't be able to volunteer (because I already told Daddy I'd go) but I was wrong!!!! I never knew how good it could feel to be wrong :o)

Now I bet you're wondering why I'm dreading this family reunion so much?? Of course you are; so I'll tell you why. This reunion is for Daddy's side of the family (dun dun dun!). It's not that I don't get along with Daddy's family (well I get along with most of them) I just don't like being around them. They're all so manipulative and negative and close minded it really brings me down. At first we weren’t going to go because of gas prices and the rest of my family don’t like being around Daddy’s family for the same reasons but Grandpa came and fixed our car, and lent us a better car, and offered to come pick us up in their motor home so now Daddy would feel really guilty if we didn’t go. The entire family ignores us until they need or want something (like Aunt Psycho that needed a place to stay, we let her, now she pretends she still lives here and puts our address on all her bills, we have people come try to serve her legal papers all the time; Then there's Aunt Crazy that lives in Arizona, comes to Utah quite frequently but never tells us. Last time she was here she called to say her daughter really wants to play with Baby Sister, who was in school, and could she come drop her off? What she really needed was a baby sitter).

I also really don't want to go because of what happened last October. We went to California to go to Disney Land with Grandpa and Aunt Crazy. Things were ok till we spent a day at the beach....One of Aunt Crazy's kids (who is one of the few people on that side of the family that I actually like, we'll call her Nice Cousin) was feeling bad because she and I hadn't been able to spend a lot of time together so Aunt Crazy accuses me of ignoring her. I had thought that Nice Cousin was ignoring me because she and Sister are better friends then we are and Sister didn't come (she couldn’t miss school). I tried to explain this but Aunt Crazy suddenly blows up and starts YELLING (almost screaming) that if I don't like her daughter and don't want to spend time with her then I should just say so, and how does my family live with me I'm so emotional, and why don't I just stop being a jerk and grow up and lots of other horrible things that have absolutely no basis is fact but still made me feel really, really bad......I’m still not quite over it and really don't want to spend a week with Aunt Crazy. I wouldn't go, except Daddy needs help keeping an eye on Baby Sister and Brother (Mum can't get work off and Sister refuses to go).

Bleech, crazy relatives.

Enough with all that depressing stuff; today I'm probably going to finish the right front of my cardigan (Yay! Now on to the sleeves!)! And last night I started winding the yarn for my shawl from hank to ball! I'll be using the same needles for my shawl that I have been for my cardigan so I'm extra excited to finish because that means I can start my shawl (wow, I hope that sentence made sense)!! Oh yeah, something else fun, this Saturday is the Candy Parade (that's what some of my cousins, on Mum's side, call it)! It's a parade for Taylorsville Dayz. For the past 3 years we've gone with my cousin. It is truly amazing how much candy is thrown at this parade, every single float and band and group that goes down the street throws buckets of candy (last year the fire department threw stuffed animals).

I love candy :oD

Oh yes, I almost forgot, over on the sidebar is a new "section" called 'Top 5 Favorite Songs'. I love making lists and reading such things on other people's blogs so I thought I add one to mine. I've made links to the lyrics of each song (well, I couldn't find a site with lyrics for Gold Mine) as well as links to the artist's official page so if you're curious you'd easily be able to check them out. Enjoy!


  • Crazy relatives. Ugh. My mom's side of the family is like that. Like my religious-zealot aunt who completely smothered and thoroughly warped her son (my cousin.)

    Candy is the best reason to go to a parade :)

    By Anonymous David, at 3:16 PM  

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