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Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Close Call

Daddy read my blog last night.....

I emailed him the link when I first started, knowing that he'd glance at it and probably wouldn't follow. Lucky for me, he has a sense of humor and thought my take on the dreaded reunion was funny (*HUGE sigh of relief*). I think he was a bit surprised by the way I "talk" on my blog. In real life, I am painfully shy, and usually very quiet (until I get to know you).

Tonight I was going to go knit at S'n'B but I think I'm getting sick. I've had an almost constant stomach ache for two days :o( I was hoping I'd feel a bit better tonight but as I don't it would probably be better if I stayed home and didn't infect everybody ;o) <--winking smilie, if you can't tell (I've always thought they looked a little weird)

I'm having picture posting withdrawl. Starting tomorrow I'm going to post pictures of old projects.


  • Aww, I hope you didn't get glutened.

    By Anonymous David, at 6:44 PM  

  • Thanks :o)

    I've checked and re-checked everything I've eaten over the past few days (which hasn't been much; I have a hard time eating anything when my stomach hurts); but so far nothing has turned up.

    Whatever it is I hope it goes away soon, blech :oP

    By Blogger Melannen, at 7:39 PM  

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