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Monday, July 10, 2006

Random Stuff

Once again, I'm up so late this says Monday but pretend it's still Sunday :o)

As promised; here's a picture of Sunday's Sky (Saturday looked pretty much the same but with more clouds)
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And I'd like to introduce you to Johnny
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Yes, I named my violin; Johnny is 5 years old and was made by John Moroz. Poor Johnny was tortured today; this guy in my neighborhood begged to sing a solo in church so as Daddy's in charge of that sort of thing I had to play the obbligato for him. I didn't mind except he was impossible to follow! He had absolutely no sense of rhythm and was kinda tone deaf. He also took a HUGE pause in the middle of the last word! He sang it like that when we practiced too; it drives me insane!!!

The Grandparents came today; the bad news is they decided to bring Aunt Wishy-Washy, Aunt Psycho, and their families. Then Aunt Crazy (the one who was yelling at me in California) showed up too. The good news is they left about an hour after they arrived rather than stay the night and drive with us in the morning (yay!).

I still haven't finished the button band on my cardigan; I didn't get to knit at all today :o(

Today was the last day of the Jazz Festival; I got to work with Sister today! She's soo funny :o) For some reason drunk guys have a need to tell her their life story.

As it's now the time of the dreaded reunion I won't be updating till I get back. Originally we were going to come home on Thursday but now Daddy's thinking of coming back on Friday instead.....I'll be doing my best to convince him otherwise.


  • Purdy violin! Hope your family hasn't driven you stark raving mad by now.

    By Anonymous David, at 4:37 PM  

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