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Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Lake Alice Pictures

Here are some pictures from the dreaded reunion (part 1, part 2). All of the pictures get bigger if you click on them.

Our camp site - on the left you can kinda see the fire pit (it's the pile of rocks next to the log), the big blue thing is a mesh shade (it was so nice to sit in there and knit, it was a lot cooler and it has mesh walls that kept the flies out :o) Brother has dubbed it "The Death Star"), in "The Death Star" is our picnic table, through "The Death Star" you can kinda see our tent, and that's the car Grandpa let us borrow while he fixed our car (Grandpa fixing our car and lending us this one was one of the reasons Daddy felt guilty for considering not going)

These are from the hike to Lake Alice. In the first one you can see how green it was, and in the second you see one of the rocks slides (Lake Alice was formed thousands of years ago when a HUGE landslide fell into the river; Supposedly it was named after a girl that drowned here in 1900).

On the hike Daddy and I took around the lake, we saw this amazing dead tree. I love the twist of the roots (you must click on this picture, it looks so much better when it's bigger)!

Blogger won't let me put all my pictures in one post (I usually link directly to photobucket but I'm having trouble editing/resizing pictures without the software on my lap top and blogger resizes automatically so I'm uploading them here; I guess they have a limit for each post) so I'll post a few more picture in a couple of minutes. I know, it's a lot of pictures, but you haven't even seen the lake yet!!


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