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Monday, September 25, 2006

Birthday Panic!!

I just realized Sister's Birthday is only 9 days away!!

So what do you give someone who likes to fit in yet not be the same as everybody else?? She's very into the latest trends but still likes to express a bit of individuality. Our tastes are so different I never know what she will and won't like....

Sometimes she'll try to find a meaning behind the gift as well. Like if I gave her some yummy smelling lotion or soap she might take that to mean I think she smells bad; but she only does that sometimes. *sigh* A gift card seems too impersonal, she doesn't do any type of crafting (and doesn't want to learn), she plays the violin and various other instruments (but mainly the violin), she's into the whole school spirit thing and loves stuff with her schools name/colors, she loves "girly" things (you know, hair stuff, make up, nail polish, etc.), and she's on the preppy side.

Hmmm.....I don't dare try to give her anything related to cloths (tried that last year). Or jewelry (that didn't work either). She mentioned in a rather direct way that she'd like a car, a new cell phone, and some nail polish. I can't just give her nail polish though, it needs something to go with it. A joke about giving her a matchbox car was already made so I can't do that either. And I can't afford the phone she wants....

Any ideas??


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